6 easy ways to make your Instagram Stories look great!

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Claire Cleland

I admit it - I LOVE Instagram stories. I love making them and I love watching them. I’m probably guilty of paying more attention to stories than to the posts themselves. “What’s to love about them?” I hear you ask…

They’re live updates of the people and companies we want to see. And what’s even better is when you follow pages that are really good at them.

As a digital designer, this is my favourite thing to see on social media - personal creativity paired with our daily lives. It’s like handing everyone a sketchpad and asking them to come up with something. It’s an instant insight and you have to move fast or the moment will pass. And, of course, where there’s the good, there’s the bad.

One of the biggest niggles of Instagram Stories is users who over-post. If those little lines which represent how many stories a user has posted in one day are teeny tiny - you’re posting too much and you’re probably annoying people. Stop!

Here are my top tips on creating great Instagram stories your followers will enjoy:


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