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I count myself very lucky to do the job I love every day, and this week I was fortunate enough to do one of the things that makes it very special – which was to present a completed commercial back to a Client who had invested heavily in an entire new campaign.

The Client was Progressive Building Society and the campaign was the result of a strategic and creative approach they bought when we successfully won a competitive pitch in late summer. I have been humbled by the respect and courtesy they have afforded the Agency throughout the process which makes it even more rewarding being part of the team who have delivered them a campaign they are clearly proud of.

And that team; my colleagues, the production company, Streetmonkey, photographer Gavin Millar, director Stevie Russell, the Client themselves and many more, all of whom made up a crew that combined could only deliver spectacular results.

So when it came to the presentation, there were of course nerves, but if you are given the opportunity to apply the correct thinking with a spark of creativity, delivered by a talented and proven team of experts for a Client that trusts you - what is there to be nervous about?

I’ll tell myself this next time, it probably won’t help me sleep the night prior or stop me pacing about like an expectant father as I await their verdict, which in this case was glowing - I think there was a ripple of applause and possibly even a joyful tear (that was me!) But the mood in the room was one to savour and one that spurs me on every time.

The campaign launches in January 2018 initially for their Mortgage products, closely followed by a Savings suite two months later. The real results will start then and they will be spectacular.

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