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Eva Lo-Ré

Hey you, I am the French intern student of Ardmore! Let me introduce myself and my experience…

I am currently student in ISCOM, a private communication school in France, where I am studying marketing, advertising and numeric softwares, I was asked to do a four-month work placement at the end of my year.

Crazy about Northern Ireland and its people, I decided to look for an internship there. I wanted to improve my English, so I thought it would be a good occasion for me to leave my birth country for this experience. Luckily, I succeeded and secured a work placement in Ardmore Advertising, which I started in April 2017.

As soon as I was introduced to the Ardmore team, I immediately felt at ease and welcomed!

I have been subsequently assigned to the position of Junior Account Executive, where my basic role was to shadow account managers and directors. Over the months that I have been in post, I have become more and more involved and act as a real link between clients and the agency. I was responsible for the coordination of advertising campaigns, and ensuring all clients requests were being handled. However, I did understand that my core aim was to develop and maintain excellent working relationships with clients.

Due to the nature of my job, I was mainly dealing with day-to-day basis for clients but was also helping my colleagues anytime they needed to. I have been involved into digital marketing as well, which was very interesting and rewarding. Thanks to the diversity of my intern position, I was both in and out of the office, allowing me access to a few commercial shoots and radio recordings. In short words, no time to get bored!

But working in Ardmore was also about getting to know the team, we allowed ourselves some nights out together where #TeamHapiness provided treats and laughs!

During the past few months, I am proud that I’ve seen my responsibilities and knowledge increasing. Evolving within Ardmore, surrounded by the nicest team I ever met, confirmed my passion for advertising and gave me further motivation to graduate and work in this field! Hopefully in an agency as good as Ardmore…


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