In July 2017 I got the call to say that I was accepted into Ardmore for my placement year and I was ecstatic. Looking back eight months later, I would never have thought I would be where I am now.

I remember how daunting it was walking in those doors on my first day. I had never even worked in an office before, let alone one of the leading Agencies in the UK & Ireland. But I hit the ground running – there is no other way to do it in this ever busy creative industry! ā€“ and I soon got the hang of things thanks to the highly supportive network around me. 

It wasnā€™t long before I had my first outing with my new colleagues and there have been plenty more since thanks to #TeamHappiness ā€“ from the Surf Day in Portrush, Run in the Dark, our Christmas cinema trip, and the inaugural Ardmore quiz night to name a few!!

I have enjoyed every single day of being here and would highly recommend Ardmore as a placement year to any student considering it. At Ardmore, I am not treated any differently as a placement student – I am treated as a valued part of the Agency, I am given my own responsibilities, and I have developed so much since I started here.

Every day is filled with something new and exciting – things that challenge me and help me grow both in my career and as a person, Ardmore brought me out of my shell and I am so thankful to each and every person that has helped me along the way.

I really look forward to the next few months here and know that when I leave, I will be bringing with me an abundance of experience, new skills, fond memories and friends that will last a lifetime!