It’s time to indulge in some festive spirit by reviewing our favourite Christmas ads of 2020.

First of our favourites is Tesco – No Naughty List. This honest depiction encourages us all to treat ourselves because it’s been a hard year. A relatable yet cheeky offering that brings a bit of light relief to the current situation.


Next up is Sainsburys – Gravy Song, an ad which is sure to pull at the heartstrings of everyone this year. Shot in a home video style, this ad oozes nostalgia and focuses on family connections and all the memories we make at Christmas.


M&S Christmas Food never lets us down and this year is no different. Each week until the New Year, M&S will be showcasing a new ad featuring iconic famous faces gushing over their tasty offerings. Charity is at the heart of their adverts this year, with M&S pledging to donate £2 million to good causes – a kind gesture that offers support to those who need it most.


A controversial offering which has divided opinion amongst many in Ardmore is Plenty – Xmess. On one hand, it’s funny and relatable highlighting all the reasons we need the product during the chaos of Christmas. But on the other, it’s very graphic, something which leaves viewers a bit disgusted. Our Executive Creative Director’s thoughts are “For me this ad is like Marmite, it’s sticky, smelly, repulsive and I don’t want to see it – which as a metaphor for what Plenty does… works perfectly! It’s just not for me.” Whereas our Planning Director thinks “on the ‘advertisers advert’ side of things it is a very persuasive piece of work. It Feels like a classic already, and like the classics, it could run every Christmas and have serious impact.” Despite the difference of opinions, I think we can all agree it’s very memorable one.


Lidl GB brings us a product focused ad showcasing all the great value products Lidl are famous for underpinned with a tongue in cheek poke at Aldi’s Kevin the Carrot.


Lidl Ireland shows the ‘behind of the scenes’ of what goes on in their stores with a little help from some elves.

This year O2 brought us their first ever Christmas brand advertising campaign using the film Frozen as festive inspiration to tie in with their special Disney+ offer.


Finally, Silver Hill Duck are encouraging us to challenge tradition and ‘Stuff the Turkey’ this year by opting for something a bit different this year, their duck.


It’s evident that brands have tried their best to end the year with something memorable that leaves a wholesome and positive lasting impression.