Ardmore’s Junior Designer Shannon Greer stands out amongst a unique year group. Like her peers, she recently celebrated her graduation lockdown-style. But not everyone can say they brought home a first-class honours degree with distinction in Graphic Design & Illustration from Ulster University.

As we know, final year graphic designers would usually showcase their work at an end-of-year degree show, letting their family, lectures and potential employers all take in the next wave of visual talent. However, with the recent COVID-19 crisis, this year’s students were forced to adapt…

The solution? A digital experience like no other. Now, their work is available for all to see as digital portfolios.

Shannon jumped at the chance to create responses to two briefs:

First, for Durex. Shannon’s explains the inspiration behind her concept, “There are restrictions that disabled people face day-to-day, but we don’t often consider the restrictions they face in the bedroom.”

The other was for Audible, as Shannon was tasked to “think of creative ways to utilise the exciting platform to feature in cities across the UK.”

Her spectacular result says it all. So, take some time to check out the GD 2020 website and see the work for yourself!