Even Facebook Needs TV

It's often said you can build a brand on social media, but even the biggest social media giants recognise the power of Television Advertising.

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Tim Swann

It's often touted by digital marketing only agencies, that it's perfectly feasible to build a marketing strategy and a successful business using nothing but social media. It's true also that the bigger social media platforms would like you to believe that as well, but then again, lets face it - it's in the interests of all of those concerned to preach that mantra.

Twitter, recognised the power of television to such an extent that it made TV one of the core targeting mechanisms in it's paid ads platform. And we also know that social media users are more likely to connect with your TV campaigns. But more recently another social media platform has looked to television for help. And if ever there was an example to counter the "social media is enough on it's own" argument, this is it.

Facebook boasts 1.3bn global users, with that sort of reach, you'd wonder why they feel the need to get more users. But the their rate of growth is slowing in the developed western world. Facebook's popularity among the younger generation is slipping. So where do facebook turn to, to find more users? To Television Advertising of course.


In Feb of this year, they launched a campaign on UK TV with three ads showing how the social network has a role to play in friendship.


Our Friends



Friend Request



Girl Friends



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