Facebook's First Changes of 2018

Facebook is changing! But what does it mean for you?

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Claire Jamison

Over the next few weeks, Facebook is implementing changes where your news feed will prioritize conversations between friends and family, therefore reducing content from businesses, brands and media. In addition, Facebook is working on incorporating a mechanism on the site that will prevent ‘engagement bait’ content e.g. Like, Share and Tag a friend posts.

On a personal level, the change will be beneficial, meaning that Facebook should become more community-focused. The overall idea is that Facebook wants to encourage value and authenticity on their news feed by preventing misleading posts and increasing more meaningful conversations. On the other hand, businesses will face new challenges to gain visibility and engagement.

The good news is that paid ads remain largely unaffected by this specific shift, however ultimately, it means that businesses will have to pay more and create better content if they want to retain the levels of visibility they currently have. This also means organic content, with no promotion, is unlikely to achieve much engagement at all…

If you’re a business on Facebook, one thing’s for sure - don’t panic! Social media is continually adapting to users' needs, so just make sure you adapt too. For further information or solutions to create engaging social media content, get in touch today. 

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