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Branded content is constantly growing on Facebook, and now Facebook has decided to make what is branded content very clear to audiences. Facebook defines branded content as content that features a third party, brand, or sponsor. This kind of content on Facebook usually comes from celebrities, companies and other social influencers.


Verified pages (with the blue checkmark) must now follow an updated branded content policy and use the new branded content tool to tag marketers in their posts.

So, how exactly does this tool work?

When publishers are creating branded content (videos, photos, text, 360 or live videos etc.) they have to use the ‘handshake’ icon which lets them tag the brand they are promoting.



Publishers are now required to tag any post that mentions a third party brand, product or sponsor. Branded content posts will appear in News feeds with the ‘with’ tag.

The marketer is then notified they have been tagged and are able to see performance insights and engagement for the post. This tool is not available to verified profiles or unverified pages.

What does the marketer see? The new tool allows influencers and media publishers to work more closely, and they can see the post and both add to the budget to the post. The publisher will be alerted if the marketer makes any changes to budget but the marketer will not have access to content management, so they can’t edit or delete the post.


Facebook will enforce this policy just like all other content on Facebook. All branded content will still go through a review process, and they will be enforcing the usage of the tagging functionality, along with compliance with updated ‘Pages’ terms and ads policy, for all branded content.

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