Facebook introduces Stories!

Because if you can’t beat them (or buy them) – you join them…

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Claire Jamison

First Instagram adopted Snapchat’s story feature and now Facebook is set to do the same! Just like Snapchat and Instagram, the Facebook story feature lets you share photos and videos in a slideshow that lasts for just 24 hours. Currently only available in Ireland, the plan is to introduce Facebook stories in more countries in the coming months.

The little circles to watch friends’ Facebook Stories will appear in its main app above the feed, so you won’t miss it.

With Facebooks audience aging, this is an obvious attempt to gain the younger audience back from Snapchat. While Snapchat has a significant user base domestically, it doesn't have anywhere near the same reach internationally as Facebook. That said, Snapchat is still seen as the most ‘cool’ platform and Facebook is therefore looking to stump Snapchat's growth, and try to gain back their platform presence.

So should Snapchat be scared? We feel there is a strong difference in audiences for the two different platforms. However, since you have all your Facebook friends already connected, there’s no need to add new users for Facebook story or even change app to share your moment.

Either way, we’re excited to see how this will affect Facebook business pages. Stay tuned to see how the story pans out! 

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