Facebook launches Topic Data metric

Jo-Anne Nicholl

Facebook, as social media managers know, is an ever-evolving beast and never sits still. This can be aggravating as a previous figure you have reported to your client may become irrelevant overnight and it can be difficult to explain the reasons why you no longer provide information on this metric.

The reality is, Facebook is continuously trying to make audiences work as well for businesses as possible so the return on the investment in advertising is as profitable as possible for both parties.

It’s important to explain from the very beginning, that it’s quality, not quantity when it comes to social media. The news this past week from Facebook HQ that business pages should expect a dip in ‘Likes’, in order to make the audiences more relevant, is testament to this statement, read our last Facebook blog here.

Facebook has also just released a new metric called Topic Data, currently only available to select Facebook partners in the UK and US.

This new metric allows marketers to listen to open conversations taking place on Facebook in relation to particular brands, events and activities and provides key insights into the goings-on around this particular topic.

Of course, privacy is paramount on Facebook, all the data obtained is anonymous and no information is taken from Facebook Messenger.

The findings from Topic Data aren’t targetable by Facebook adverts, but it will allow marketers to create adverts that can appeal to the audience and create conversations based around the results of particular subject, helping make Facebook pages even more appealing to quality audiences. 

We can expect this tool to be available to all Facebook business pages and anticipate some form of advertising to be available at some stage in the future.

We love to chat about how hard your social media is working for your business, if you'd like to chat about how to improve your social media presence, drop us a line! 

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/topic-data

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