How superstitious are you?

Since it's Friday 13th, we asked our staff what superstitions they believed in - here is our top 13 for the 13th

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Tim Swann

We asked around the office, apparenty only 47% of the office considers themselves to be supertitious, and yet...  they all responded to at least 1 belief, go-figure?

Here's our top 13 luck related superstitions

13 Taking a light from a candle (apparently a sailor dies at sea.. so stop it!)

12 Lucky number 7

11 Knocking on wood

10 4 Leaf clovers

9   A black cat crossing your path

8   Spilling salt

7   Not looking someone in the eye when saying "cheers!"


5  Opening an umbrella indoors

4  One for sorrow... a lonely magpie is bad luck.

3  See a penny pick it up...

2  Walking under a ladder

1  Breaking a mirror

Nobody believed walking on pavement cracks was bad luck... we're all grown ups here!

Why not take our short survey and let us know your superstitions.

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