This campaign is a multi platform marketing campaign, with a heavy emphasis on content, which incorporates radio, online, press, TV and outdoor advertising.

This campaign highlights how important it is to get a good night of quality zzzz’s and provides us with an array of valuable, shareable hints and tips with its A to Z of how to get the best from your night’s sleep.

This campaign indicates that IKEA is a compassionate and caring brand with the wellbeing of its target market at the core of the its approach. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy, just like the cosy beds they sell, what a coincidence! 

What the company really did was embark on a very clever integrated marketing campaign whereby a dedicated landing page was created and used as the nucleus of the campaign. The landing page has 26 content slides, all focused on sleep. IKEA then distributed the content, across many platforms and in many forms including TV advertising and on the radio. As IKEA is already a very popular and frequently viewed website, but this new content campaign will help boost search engine optimisation even further, reinforce brand awareness and plant a seed, encouraging people to consider IKEA products for their summer spruce up. 

Each slide is littered with helpful hints as well as beautiful IKEA products; beds, futons, mattresses, mattress covers, duvets, blankets, throws, pillows, pillow cases, rugs, plants, ornaments etc.…

Let’s face it; everyone has a bad night’s sleep once in a while…

Could it be my pillow? Do I need a new bookshelf to muffle out the noise from outside? I definitely need a new duvet and that rug…

Creating useful, shareable content for your target consumers will help to you build a great and long-lasting relationship with your audience. Content can also help to position you as an influential and credible brand. This is especially true online where Google places extra importance on visits, relevancy and engagement levels.

Do you want to ramp up your shareable content? Give us a call or pop into our office to discuss taking your next content strategy to the next level.  

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