In Media We Trust?

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Mark Thompson


While chants of “fake news” ring out around the world, Ipsos MORI recently published a paper that asks is there really a crisis of trust in the media?

Ardmore’s Media Director, Mark Thompson, recently took the opportunity to discuss the paper with Fiona Rooney, Managing Director, Ipsos MORI Belfast.


FAKE NEWS: Is there a crisis in trust of the media?




CHALLENGING MEDIA BIAS: Is there an opportunity for mainstream media to rise above digital platforms?




DIGITAL PLATFORMS & SOCIAL MEDIA: Is there a crisis in trust of the media?




INFLUENCER MARKETING: How is the trust in the opinions of ‘real people’ related to the rise of social media influencers?




RATIONAL VS. EMOTIONAL: Is there a rise in Emotional Communications?



Download the report here: Ipsos Views: In Media We Trust? How Our Views Of The Media Are Changing.


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