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In today’s post, Paul James, Project Director of ChatMore 24/7, reviews how LEGO is using Facebook Messenger to segment its audience and promote products.

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When it comes to getting your brand message across, choosing the right media platform is a fine art. But when you get the chance to talk one-to-one to your customers, your engagement levels are set to soar.

That's why more and more brands are adopting Facebook Messenger as a revolutionary new channel to engage and entertain their audiences.

Facebook Messenger Marketing enables you to acquire leads and customers so you can instantly start your ideal conversation - without employing more people or losing the human touch - by creating Facebook Messenger Chatbots.

In the lead up to Christmas, LEGO introduced Ralph, a Facebook Messenger Chatbot who guides shoppers through simple questions interspersed with playful GIFs and prompts to help get them the gift recommendations they're looking for in a quick, interactive way. 

Could leveraging Facebook Messenger as a new marketing channel help you generate leads and sales for your business?


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