Three Mobile made it right with the Make it Right Campaign!

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Jo-Anne Nicholl

Three Mobile's latest TV advert has really made us chuckle. On paper, the advert concept sounds a little off the mark... A muppet who solves problems whilst singing along to an East 17 track... But, guess what, it works and not only that, it's got people talking as well as tweeting!

The TV advert has an accompanying hashtag #MakeItRight and Three Mobile's bespoke landing page aggregates all the content produced by the hashtag into the one place for all to see. Check it out here:

The purpose of the integrated campaign is to show prospective and existing customers that Three Mobile is a transparent and trustworthy company (or friendly muppet) committed to making it's customers happy by solving any issues they have with their mobile network. Three Mobile knows there are issues with the mobile industry and they're committed to, guess what, making it right! 

If you didn't catch that part and focused on singing all the words (rap included) and laughing along to the crazy little muppet called Jackson... Have another gander at the video above.

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