8 ways to make your brand shine on Instagram

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So you’ve decided to take the plunge and create an Instagram page for your brand. It may seem as if Instagram filters will do all the work for you when it comes to making your brand stand out on the colourful platform, but in reality running an Instagram page should be a daily task. Here’s our top tips on staying on top of your Insta-life.

1) Make your brands images consistent on Instagram, plan what ‘look’ you want for your brand, what style of photograph you will use. Think of your Instagram page like an Art Gallery, make it beautiful.


2) Introduce your staff! It’s a great way for your followers to get to know who they are talking to, plus your staff will love getting the attention!

3) Make sure your Instagram bio has all the information your followers will need! There is nothing worse than spending loads of time making your Instagram amazing and then not giving your followers the information on where to get your product!

4) Give your followers exclusive promotions and offers, make them feel special! Giving them exclusive offers is a nice way to thank them and more importantly keep their interest.

5) Having an event? Doing a photoshoot? Give your Instagram followers backstage access by posting exclusive behind the scenes content. It can be anything from a short video of the set up, to some sneak peaks of new products.

6) Create interesting content, don’t just post a picture for no reason. Make sure every thing posted has an interesting description, or promotes your product in a creative way.

7) Interact with your followers. Don’t just reply to bad comments, acknowledge as many people as you can. Whether it’s simply saying hello, or answering a customers questions, your followers will appreciate you taking the time to talk to them and make them feel special! 


8) Keep active! Try post at least once a day, keep popping on up your followers timelines, don’t let them forget you!

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