More great news for 'Visual' Social Media

Two of our favourite social media platforms, Instagram and Pinterest, launched new additions to their portfolio this week.

Jo-Anne Nicholl

All, of course, to make it easier for users to publish and more importantly share visual content with their friends.

Instagram has launched an entirely new app, albeit under the same umbrella, called Layout. This new app enables users to create collages of their pictures using a series of preset frames and then allows them to publish the finished collage to social media platforms, except Twitter. Some big brands, with big followings on visual social media, have acted quickly and added this new app to their social media 'box of tricks'. It allows brands to bring their products to life by showcasing merchandise and suggesting ways to use/wear/eat them.

Check out how Sephora is using Layout to demonstrate how to 'contour your face'. Notice the #layout?


It's not just Instagram making life easy for users either... 

Pinterest launched a new version of their 'Pin It' button which enables users to pin from the web more quickly. The new and much improved button allows users to pin more quickly by reducing the number of clicks and giving the option to choose from the 3 most recently pinned boards.




















These new changes to the button make it easier to create and add to the enormous amount of pins that are already on Pinterest. This button will benefit businesses who regularly publish content that is rich in visual media. When your images are shared online regularly, your brand should become more popular with Google's search algorithms and your brand could appear higher up the search rankings. Ideally, this would result in more traffic to your website and lead to an increase in sales. 

Make it convenient and as simple as possible for potential customers to absorb your message. This will help push your brand to a wider audience full of potential customers; especially if your content is original, relevant and useful.

Don't forget, Ardmore Advertising is a full service creative agency with years of experience in both online and offline marketing so give us a shout if you're keen to make your visual marketing stand out from the crowd. We deliver tangible results. 

Remember - 'An image speaks a thousand words...'

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