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Bringing every element of video to life at its fullest capacity is all in a day's work for our Videographer and Editor, Michael Foster.

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Michael Foster

Every day, over 500 million people (that’s half a BILLION) are watching video on Facebook alone, and it is estimated that over 80% of all consumer internet traffic within four years will be video traffic. Take a quick scroll through your own social media feeds and notice when your thumb/scroll wheel stops moving; chances are it’ll be an eye-catching video that’s sparked your interest. But in an ever-increasing sea of video content combined with the higher bar of quality expectations amongst consumers, how can you maximize your business, product or brand’s chances of stopping someone in their tracks and grabbing attention?

While the marriage of moving image and audio has long been recognised as an incredibly effective way of engaging a viewer, the art-form in terms of marketing is changing as the way we consume media on mobile social platforms evolves. The incorporation of motion graphics and animation is one such way – in particular, the animated infographic.

Video infographics can explain, inform, entertain and direct attention in an interesting and efficient way, often in ways that video alone can’t do. The addition of motion through animation can not only bring graphics, text and still images to life, but can itself act as a story-telling device to really drive home your message. What’s more, with video content being so prevalent, an animated infographic video, as opposed to simply a static infographic, will likely receive more engagement and be more “shareable”.

Tie into this the fact that you can also incorporate virtually endless other types of media including video, music, sound effects and foley (in my view, good video is more than 50% audio), plus the ability to use cinematic techniques (parallax effects, motion blur, flares, etc.), the end result is an engaging video, something that can make you cut through the noise and be easily shared across all your social platforms.

Check out this animation we worked on with our Client, Visit Belfast, as part of their Christmas campaign:

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