Following a jam-packed week of hot-desking across the Agency, here’s what our work experience student, Jack, had to say about his time with us at Ardmore!

When I first found out I had been accepted into Ardmore for my work experience, I was excited, but definitely nervous. I’d seen their successful TV adverts for big businesses. This was diving in at the deep end.

On Monday I was greeted by the helpful, friendly and ever cheerful receptionist Helen who would welcome me every morning for the following week. She guided me to Carole, the Talent Director, who patiently explained the inner workings of Ardmore. Then it was time to get to work with Carl, Ardmore’s Senior Videographer. Carl was really helpful and taught me how to use his camera, giving me an extensive and interesting lesson in Final Cut Pro. He showed me the difference some colour correction and a good editor can make to a video!

Following two days with Carl I was greeted by Martina, the smiley, upbeat Production Manager. She showed me around the studio where I was working with Jamie, one of Ardmore’s Senior Creatives. Jamie and I discussed and brainstormed several ideas for various Clients. This process really gave me a solid insight into the imaginations of the people in the creative studio. Nearing the end of Day 3, I found myself sitting across the table from Mark Irwin, Ardmore’s Managing Director. We had a discussion on how I was getting on, making sure I was enjoying myself and whether there was anything he could do to accommodate me better. Needless to say, everything was going perfectly, so no adjustments were needed.

The week was flying by, and suddenly I was entering my last two days which would be spent with Client Services. This side of the building covers the Agency’s research and Client operations. When I came in on Thursday I was met by Scott, Ardmore’s Account Executive. He introduced me to everyone in his department and showed me how to conduct headline research and summarising. I spent my morning going through local newspapers, cutting and pasting key pieces of information from useful and relevant articles. After lunch I met Lauren, Media Executive. She taught me all about advertising on Google and what she does to ensure that customers’ ads show up on searches they are happy with and feel represent them.

Come Friday, I was to spend my day with the Account Manager, Amy. I went with her and Michael, Ardmore’s Videographer, into Belfast to conduct some research for a Client. By the end of the day, I felt I was really getting a good feel for Ardmore and how friendly everyone is – wherever I went, people always said hello and offered me tea or coffee.

The only light wave of disappointment that hit me was when I realised my week had reached an end.

I learned a lot from my week here and received an incredible insight into the working world. I’m confident this experience will aid me in the future when looking for a job and I’m sure I’ll be able to look back on this experience as an important period in my life.

Thanks Ardmore!