Life Through A Lens

When Account Executive Tasmin Bryden isn’t dealing with clients, she enjoys spending her time out and about with her camera.
On National Photography Day, Tasmin tells us about her love for photography and the inspiration behind the hobby.

What made photography click for me

I started experimenting with photography when I was around 13/14 years old. I began by taking photos of people and things that I loved or things that I found visually pleasing and continued doing so for a couple of years until I was able to begin studying photography in school.
I decided to continue learning and developing by studying Fine Art Photography in Ulster University, which is where I was able to really refine my skills!

Picture Perfect

When it comes to subjects for my photographs, I tend to find people and their behaviours inspire me the most. I spent a lot of time developing my opinions and thoughts on social issues in order to try and best express myself, I always end up focusing on my opinion of westernised beauty standards and social constructs – this means I really love taking portraits! I also love to capture emotive moments that happen in my life, photographs have the ability to explain situations without needing words which I find very powerful.


There are so many photographers that constantly inspire me and the work I’ve made, but if I had to choose just a few I would have to pick Juno Calypso, William Eggleston and Alec Soth.

Below are a few images taken from my projects Solarise and Utopia. These projects are about the transformation stage of becoming “more beautiful”.