Say hello to longer tweets!

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Ellen McLean

It’s official folks, you can say more on twitter. The Verge independently confirmed that from the beginning of this week, images, GIFS, videos, polls etc. will no longer be counted in the 140-character limit. The change will give users more flexibility when tweeting and sharing content.

Another new adjustment to the character limit is that usernames will no longer count when they're at the beginning of replies, giving users additional room for discussion. 

Research by Buddy Media shows that the ideal length for a tweet is 100 characters, and they tend to have a 17% higher engagement rate.


The 140-character limit has always had its ups and downs, particularly for Marketers, but despite previously considering to dramatically extend the maximum length of tweets, Dorsey has praised the limit, saying twitter would never ‘lose creativity’.

It is unclear whether all the changes will happen simultaneously, but Twitter has already begun the changes! 

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