Snapchat 'Memories' update will completely change user experience

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Ellen McLean

Snapchat is known and loved for its disappearing, magical content, but the app has just announced that you will now be able to save Snapchats. Say goodbye to the excitement of your images disappearing within 24 hours, now they can be stored under ‘Memories'. ‘Memories’ is the name of the new feature, which will allow users to share and save snaps in a private gallery, built into the app.

These ‘memories’ can be edited and organized all within the platform. This is likely to encourage people to produce higher quality video content rather than the raw video we see on most snapchats.

How do you access ‘memories?'. Snapchat will alert you when the feature is ready for you to use. Once you are in the ‘memories’ section, you will notice that all the rectangular posts and individual snaps and circular posts are stories, and organized by date.

You can also search ‘memories’ to find certain photos from locations, for example search ‘Dublin’ and all your snaps taken in Dublin will appear, nifty eh?

It sounds like the wonder of Snapchat privacy might be gone, but not entirely. Another feature called ‘My Eyes Only’ lets you keep videos and photos you choose private, and can only be accessed through a PIN code that you set. These new features could result in more people using snapchat as their camera and camera roll rather than the one that comes on your phone.


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