What’s Special about Snapchat Spectacles?!

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Claire Jamison

This week, Ardmore received a very exciting delivery all the way from the U.S of A! At last, we’ve got our hands on a pair of coveted Snapchat Spectacles, and Ellen and I were the first of the Ardmore team to try them out!


What are Snapchat Spectacles?
The Snapchat Spectacles look like normal sunglasses (sort of) but allow you to record videos that sync to your mobile Snapchat account, so you can ‘make memories, from your perspective’. The specs feature a camera with a 115-degree lens, which is designed to mimic how humans actually see.

Why do we love Snapchat Spectacles?

The great thing about the Snapchat Spectacles, is the hands free point of view of recording videos, without any annoying headgear. For advertising, it allows brands to tell the story from their perspective and allows their audience and customers to step into their shoes. It’s a great opportunity to play, be natural and create raw intimacy, without worrying about perfection. Snapchat Spectacles really are one of the best social content investment brands can make right now!

The circular video feature allows viewers to rotate their phones in a circle while watching a video, giving them more perspective and a different experience each time they watch. For brands, Snapchat Spectacles are perfect for attending events, keeping customers up to date in real-time and posting with ease. Plus, we think they actually look pretty cool too.

How do they work?

Simply turn on your Bluetooth, put on the specs and look at the Snapcode, then press the button on the side to pair. To record video, you then press the button on the top left hand corner of the glasses, once for 10 seconds, twice for 20 seconds and three times for 30 seconds, then double press to stop. Once recording, the glasses have an LED light that flashes. The video automatically saves in your Snapchat memories where you can edit with artwork, send to friends or put on your story. To charge, you firstly connect the case via a USB cable to a computer, then you can charge the specs out and about via the charging case - genius! 

Want to use Snapchat Spectacles?

We would love to help your brand connect with your audience using Snapchat. Please contact a member of the Ardmore team to find out more about Snapchat.

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