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Yesterday Instagram announced a new ‘Stories’ feature. A new way to share your photos on Instagram without flooding your follower’s news feeds. The new feature lets people curate images in a slideshow format which then disappear after 24 hours.

Sound familiar? Well the new feature is very similar to Snapchat Stories. Snapchat stories also offer users the same personal and fun way to share their photos, which also disappear after 24 hours! So, you can imagine a lot of people are talking about the new feature on Instagram, and also whether it will work as well on Instagram as it does on Snapchat, who pioneered the idea of ‘disappearing content.’

The Instagram stories feature is now available for iOS and Android operating systems, and will appear at the top of your newsfeed once you update the application.

In terms of marketing, this offers brands a new format and new opportunities to be innovative and share content. It certainly will make it easier for social influencers and brands to share more content, more often with their followers. Get in touch with our Digital Team to learn how you can use stories for your business!

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