Superbowl 49 Social Media Activity...


Jo-Anne Nicholl

Last night's Superbowl featuring American Football heavyweights Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots was ALL over social media last night, expecially on Twitter, trending worldwide with the hashtag #SB49.

The big commercial companies use this heavily televised sporting event to promote their brand and super stars, including Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg, who has his very own Snooper Bowl to promote football to the younger generation, also get involved in all aspects of the show and fight for the coveted 'half time show'.

Twitter, also launched bespoke Twitter Cards for businesses who were promoting themselves during the show with a new 'Shop Now' feature which enabled the audience to buy limited edition Super Bowl merchandise instantaneously. 

Budweiser pulled at heart strings with the cute factor and used the hashtag #BestBuds:

Snickers went old school with this Brady Bunch 'retake' featuring Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi as Marsha and Jan:

On a day that promotes male athleticism Always ran with this advert, making viewers consider female strength:

Have a look at the Twitter activity during the game:

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