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Ellen McLean

Hi, I’d like to introduce myself Cara Cowan, another new intern at Ardmore!

I entered university in the mind-set of skipping my placement year.  I felt three years of University sounded a little more appealing than four, however the majority of my fellow classmates of Communication, Advertising and Marketing (CAM) undertook placement and I experienced a severe case of FOMO…and giving that I am 27, the dread of extending my degree and graduating closer to thirty created a slight sense of alarm.

Nevertheless, Ardmore was the agency in mind to apply for after graduation, so I jumped at the chance of placement as an Account Executive.

I was delighted to be interviewed and get through to the final stage.  I knew at this point how much I wanted this unique opportunity and anxiously awaited feedback for a number of weeks that I was successful! I was ecstatic.

Ardmore is one of the best advertising agencies in Northern Ireland and it is evident in my experience within the company as to why.  Working in an advertising agency is very challenging and extremely fast paced, it really does take a particular skill set and ample teamwork to exceed client’s expectations and maintain our fantastic reputation.

There is no question about my decision, Ardmore and its wonderful clients are a pleasure to work with and I can say with confidence that I am very excited for the year ahead!

This amazing opportunity has enabled me to understand the remit and gain perspective of the wonderful career possibilities I can work towards. My advice to anyone that is contemplating placement year is to grab the opportunity whole heartedly.  

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