The Power of the Social Influencer

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Claire Jamison

In the world of marketing, standing out against the competition is a major challenge. With social media advertising and geo-targeting, customers are constantly bombarded by ads, so how can you build a brand they can actually trust?

Let us introduce the Micro-Influencers! Forget the Kardashians and the cast of Geordie Shore, advertisers are now approaching your friend’s cousin and that girl you went to primary school with… real people to sell to you.

If you’re like me - shamefully obsessed with TOWIE, MIC and slightly addicted to Instagram - you’ll notice more and more ‘celebs’ and Insta-stars not so subtly promoting an array of products. Thanks to the Advertising Standards Agency, they now have to mark all their adverts with the hashtags #spon or #ad, and so much to advertiser’s disappointment, more and more customers aren’t fooled by the obvious paid sponsorship and the authenticity is lost.

So instead, advertisers are using Micro-Influencers - ordinary people who are paid by brands to promote their products on social media. These people are known as ‘the voice of the public’ and are deemed much more authentic with an already established relationship with the advertiser’s customers. With a significantly less following, some advertisers offer them money while others simply offer free products – who wouldn’t be happy with a freebie for an Insta post? So far, this is a great way to reach a specific and relevant target audience.

The Micro-Influencer is a much cheaper form of advertising and friends will trust friends, and therefore cause a domino effect. It’s all about authenticity or at least perceived authenticity… whether it’s for the latest hair supplement, fake tan or slimming tea.

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