The Salty Dog Scotch Eggs!

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Claire Jamison

When it comes to digital marketing, timing is key if you want to be on trend. As a business on Facebook, you have to move fast and react quickly, in order to benefit from the latest craze or viral video. So when we saw an ‘eggcellent’ opportunity for The Salty Dog, we took it!

Recently, The Salty Dog in Bangor got some amazing publicity thanks to the A-list celebrity Sienna Miller on The Jimmy Fallon Show… simply chatting about her love of The Salty Dog's Scotch eggs!

Following this, The Salty Dog shared the video on their Facebook page, attracting 76,000 views and great engagement.

To help The Salty Dog benefit even further from the great PR, we created a video which revealed their famous Scotch Egg recipe.

We posted the video to the Salty Dog's social channels and with 11,000 views on Facebook … we're just waiting for Sienna to see it! 

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