Like it or loathe it, Top Gear was a BBC staple and an extremely popular show with a cult like following. So, when Jeremy Clarkson allegedly decided to slap some poor fella for not bringing him steak on time, the masses descended into despair. The other two presenters sharply followed suit and left the show too, thankfully not allegedly assaulting anyone in the process.

Seizing the opportunity

Internet TV giant Netflix is now rumoured to be in talks with the presenters to produce a remake of the show ‘House of Cars’… Aptly named after its extremely popular show ‘House of CarDs’…

Changing consumer behaviour

Whether this remake is true or not isn’t really the point. The way in which TV viewing audiences now prefer to consume their favourite shows is the real game changer.

Online TV and video streaming services are set to soar even more this year with more big companies, like Amazon, adapting to the changing consumer behaviour and amending their product range to include things like TV sticks and boxes. 

Get with the times

With this change in consumption in mind, it’s really important to consider online video creation in your marketing strategy. Online video viewing is only set to soar, so why not embrace the change and be one step ahead of your competitors?

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