What does the future hold for business and retail?

Has consumer behaviour changed permanently?

How do you reach, inspire and reassure your audience?

These are the big questions we explored with Belfast Chamber of Trade and Commerce during our Virtual Seminar Understanding your customer in a post-lockdown world.


Understanding your customer in a post-lockdown world Virtual Seminar: The what and why




Cate Trotter: Future-proofing retail

Cate Trotter, Founder and Head of Trends at Insider Trends, explored how and why to build flexible retail ecosystems that can function well no matter what the future holds.

Look out for the 5 retail quick wins she shared




Ed Henderson: Audience Transformation

Ed Henderson, Ardmore’s Planning Director, analysed the profound effect COVID-19 and the lockdown have had on consumer behaviour. But what has changed and is it permanent? What are the things that haven’t changed?




Paul James: Channel Transformation Part 1

Paul James, Ardmore e-Commerce Lead, uncovered three truths that mean serving customers online has shifted to a basic expectation for almost every business.




Alison O’Neill: Channel Transformation Part 2

Ardmore Senior Media Manager, Ally O’Neill, shared how media consumption has changed during the pandemic, and what your brand can do about it.




Paul Bowen: Communication Transformation

Ardmore’s Executive Creative Director, Paul Bowen, explored a number of creative successes during the pandemic, and provided his three pillars of effective communication.




Simon Hamilton: Questions and Answers – Understanding your customer in a post-lockdown world Virtual Seminar

Simon Hamilton, our host and CEO of Belfast Chamber of Trade and Commerce, posed some insightful questions to our panel including: “How important will e-commerce be if we have a second wave?”


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