We are Vertigo offers a unique set of experiences in the Northern Ireland market with a high energy portfolio of Indoor Skydiving, Inflataparks, Skicentres and more.


The marketing challenge is all about helping the audience realise the experience available to drive ticket sales. New figures show that consumers are spending less on things, and more on doing things – and telling the world about it online afterwards.


James Wallman, a trend forecaster, is the author of ‘Stuffocation: Living More with Less’, in which he charts the move from possessions to experience: “The big change to what I call experientialism is more about finding happiness and status in experiences instead.”

Ardmore combined this with the insight that in random play throughout our lives we have all activated imaginations to create challenges and places that only exist in our heads.

The premise behind the new creative campaign in 2019 was that We are Vertigo helps us bring these imaginations to life.

The campaign looks beyond the physical experiences on offer to open up our imaginations.

We Are Vertigo Creative


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