We have been working closely as a strategic partner to Woking Borough Council’s future vision for the town centre.  Specifically leveraging the quality of life, lower living costs and access and commute times to and from the capital to grow the number of young professionals living in Woking. 


In 2017, a significant regeneration project in Woking Town Centre commenced. The objective of the project was to completely transform the area with a longer-term vision of attracting businesses and young professional residents away from London to relocate in the area, adapt its demographic boosting the local economy. 

Although a positive step-change for the local area, the development was, for many, seen as a disruption to the status-quo. 


Through early and comprehensive dialogue with residents, we identified the need to launch a comprehensive community engagement programme while this major transformation was underway. #WeAreWoking was devised as an impartial people-centric campaign to promote positivity for the borough, its citizens, communities and businesses.  

The programme has been amplified with a supporting through-the-line advertising and PR campaign, that has extended the reach of #WeAreWoking beyond the local borough, throughout the UK. 


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Subway £3 Lunch

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