As shareholders in one of the largest networks of independent agencies in the world, we have full access to the skills and resources of a global community of 70 agency partners in 40 countries. We are able to draw on this expertise across borders and continents. As a result, Ardmore Worldwide Partners today is an Agency with truly global capabilities. We are able to advise our Clients in relation to local cultural knowledge and specific market sensitivities, as well as local media channels, sales channels and suppliers. We further have direct access to behavioural research conducted by our network partners across a range of sectors including tourism, transport, pharma, agri-food and finance. As a consequence of this, in the past 12 months alone Ardmore Worldwide Partners has delivered high-impact marketing campaigns and solutions in 14 countries, including the staging of experiential campaigns in cities from Prague to Singapore, Geneva to London, achieving spectacular results.

Over 50% of the work we do today is conducted outside of the UK and Ireland, and we are proud to deliver on our promise of spectacular results on a global scale. For those few territories not serviced by Worldwide Partners, we have developed the Ardmore Global Hub which offers an expanding range of world-class, globally-experienced freelance talent, from Strategic Planning to Creative and Web Development. Our Hub model means that we can offer a tailored mix of people, skills and services required to solve Clients’ challenges and needs in specific international markets. Centrally managed from our UK and Ireland base, the Ardmore Global Hub is continually developing, with our Clients enjoying the benefits of our expanding capabilities in the delivery of national and international integrated marketing communications.


Strategy & Behaviour
Sector Specialist Copywriting
Digital Design
Web Development


Ardmore Worldwide Partners and the Ardmore Global Hub utilise the industry’s leading tools and platforms to inform and deliver research-driven creative campaigns. These utilities include IPA Insights, IPA Databank, IPA Touchpoints, Google Think, Google Analytics, Facebook Audience Insights, System1Research Testing and Primary Research.