Dale Farm | Mascot Makeover

Dale Farm challenged us with giving their mascot, Belle the Cow, a makeover. The general consensus was that their existing mascot was weary and in much need of a quiet retirement. Instead, Dale Farm wanted to create a mascot with personality that fit with their brand – this wasn’t to be simply a costume but the creation of a new character.

We established early on that we still agreed that a cow worked best as it had great longevity, so we created various mood-boards, using inspiration from cartoon characters and existing mascots. From this, we tailored and finessed our initial concepts; it was imperative that the mascot was branded so we incorporated the Dale Farm logo as a tag on the cow’s ear. To ensure the mascot could be used at various promotional, corporate and social events, we recommended that we didn’t give the mascot a uniform as such but that we she could change her outfit as appropriate.

We provided the manufacturers with design and visual representation – following this they used our image to bring Isabella to life; doesn’t she look wonderful?!


Spectacular results

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