LIDL Price Comparison Campaign

We all know LIDL is Big on Quality, Lidl on Price. But we wanted to take the message further.

Our latest campaign demonstrates just how far £25 goes in LIDL. We compare a LIDL shop to a Tesco shop. The Tesco shop features 7 cupboard essentials such as olive oil, chicken breast fillets and dishwasher tablets. In contrast, the Lidl shop contains the same 7 items, plus 11 more (18 in total!) - for the same money!

As the products playfully fill up a kitchen, the creative captures just how well a LIDL shop stocks the cupboards, at a very tasty price.

To build upon previous audience exposure, the campaign is delivered by the Lover character, tying into our existing Lover, Liker, Loather brand activity. The campaign is live on TV, Radio and Press from June to August.

Spectacular results

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