Lookers Audi Basingstoke | Managers Special Event

In June, Lookers Audi Basingstoke hosted a Managers Special Event for 10 days to celebrate 10 years of business at Audi Basingstoke. We worked with Lookers Audi to develop a range of different assets to both inform and showcase this unmissable event. We developed and distributed a direct mail flyer to over 2200 recipients to inform existing and potential customers of the details of the event and how they can avail of the special offers in line with the event. The event was also communicated across digital channels using web banners and a Facebook cover image.

To showcase the Audi vehicles at the event, we worked up a suite of forecourt assets including power flags, outdoor banners, bonnet stickers and window flashes in line with the Audi brand guidelines.



Basingstoke Outdoor.jpg
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