Translink: Airport Express

We’re all going on a Summer holiday.

Ok, ok, we’re not really, but after working on Translink’s Belfast Airport Services campaign, we sure feel like we are.

Translink asked us to come up with a creative solution to position the airport bus services as the smart choice, compared to taking your car.

We realised that the best way to do this was to use the artwork to transport the audience to the their destination, in their mind. By highlighting the regular service and low cost, in tandem with a relaxing destination scene, we were able to hero on the feeling that your holiday starts the moment you get onboard.

On analysing the target audiences, we discovered that Belfast International Airport and George Best Belfast City Airport fly to very different destinations. Therefore, the mindset of the traveller is also different.

In order to capture these potential passengers, we split the campaign into two threads. The Belfast International Airport artwork gives the sense of an international destination, while the City Airport is a city break scene.

This campaign was deployed with targeted Facebook posts, Google Adwords, 48 sheets, 6 sheets, streetliners, back of driver artwork, as well as radio advertising on Citybeat and U105.

And oh boy did it fly!


Spectacular results

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