Translink: X1 & X2

Translink asked us to create a campaign that would help sales for their X1 and X2 services to Dublin Airport soar.

By highlighting how affordable, fast and frequent the services are, we wanted to reinforce how easy it is to make life better – by traveling with Translink. Taking this a step further, we created artwork that actually combined the bus with the aeroplane, in order to give the sense that the customer’s holiday starts the moment they step on board.

The campaign was rolled out across regional radio, as well as Google Adwords, web banners, MPUs, leaderboards, 48 sheets, 6 sheets, adshel mega wraps, phone kiosk wraps, streetliners and station poster sites, so as to capture the audience at a time when they would be most receptive to the message.

Spectacular results

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