Translink | yLink Freshers Week Snapchat & Sweets

Currently 32,729 young people are enjoying the benefits of having a yLink card, which helps with public transport costs whilst helping them to access further education and jobs. With 1/3 off public transport, the yLink card also provides savings to enable young people to meet up with friends, accessing leisure services and places of work.

Translink tasked us with developing a campaign to spread the message of the yLink card to young people in Northern Ireland, with the ultimate aim of increasing sales of yLink cards. We needed to engage with an audience of young people at a time when they are starting to learn to drive, encouraging them use public transport before the ‘car effect’ took control.

Attention grabbing, pop-art inspired creative was used to reaching our specific demographic. The pop art style used was perfect for delivering the message ‘y wouldn’t you?’ because if you’re 16-23, well why wouldn’t you? To ensure the message was seen by the target audience we used various formats to heighten catchment in key student areas including outdoor, digital and radio, targeting Ulster University and Queen’s campuses.

To add to the current outdoor, digital and radio, we have upped our game and introduced some innovative media solutions.

We knew that 77% of University students use Snapchat daily, so this was a unique opportunity to bring the campaign directly into the hands of the target audience and allow them to have greater interaction with the brand. We developed a Snapchat Geo filter adapting the campaign creative and enabled it work around numerous student hubs including Queen’s & Ulster University Campuses.

In addition to this, we also ran a yLink special adshel wrap outside Queen’s University that we covered in sweets. Once all of the sweets had been removed, the yLink creative was revealed. This injected an element of fun and shareability to the campaign. 

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