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Choose Ulster Postgrad is a microsite aimed at encouraging people to consider Ulster University for their Post-Graduate course. It does this by highlighting the experiences of former students, each of whom tells their story, and how having a Post-Graduate qualification has changed their life.

The website’s main page is composed of a series of “tiles” each tile can either tell the story of a former student, provide some background stats and information, host a video or simply provide social media links. The tiles can be of different sizes and colours to provide a more interesting page structure. The tiles are loaded in random order and will automatically reflow to fit, regardless of tile size or available screen size.

The format of the microsite is such that it operates as a single page web-app with an infinite scroll that loads more articles as required. When click, individual articles are displayed in a transparent layer over the top of the main page.

As well as facilitating former students to get in touch and share their story, the site also encourages potential students to get in touch and seek more information. This provides Ulster University with the ability to capture warm leads, to measure and learn from the enquiry types and volume. It also allows specialist UU staff members to follow up more personally with those who have made an enquiry.

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