With an ambition to reach 12,000 potential entrepreneurs and support over 6,000 businesses in the first eighteen-month period, Ardmore was briefed to help launch the new Northern Ireland Enterprise Support Service (NIESS) under the brand, ‘Go Succeed’.

Go Succeed.

The evidence of marketing effectiveness led us to develop and leverage a fluent device as the most potent creative strategy to position Go Succeed as a living, breathing business partner for anyone who wants to start, grow, or scale their business – a manifestation of the service that gives them advice and support every step of the way.

Brought to life by a glowing and ever moving character of energy – The Go Succeed orb is the embodiment of the service and made up of all eleven colours from the Go Succeed identity (representing the eleven Councils involved).


Within the first 8 weeks of the launch of the Go Succeed service and the campaign, lead generation results were encouraging with 3,223 leads generated by the campaign and website – running around 61% ahead of target.


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