We are more than just another Agency.

We are a collective of inspired and inspiring people.

We are driven each day by more than the commercial targets.

We are driven by each other, because we’re more than just work-mates… We are mates-mates!

And that’s the most spectacular result of all.


What we are
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And now the real work begins

Looking ahead to the restoration of the NI Executive, former Minister and now MD of Confluence Consulting Simon Hamilton cautions against burdening incoming Ministers with the expectation of immediate success. Jeffrey Donaldson will have no…
Ross Oneill
9 February 2024

Think it. Dream it. Don’t Jinx It.

After spending the week at the Labour Conference, MD and Co-Founder of Confluence Consulting Simon Hamilton reflects on how the Keir Stamer’s Party is preparing for power and what a new government might mean for…
Ross Oneill
18 October 2023

First Impressions Count

Since joining Ardmore in January, there has been lots of work events, nights out and tea break treats. It's been the quickest 6 months ever, but as the saying goes - time flies when you're…
Cara O'Doherty
30 June 2022

Write from the start

“I want to be a writer.” This became my mantra for everyday life. From a young age, I was a lover of books and scribbling down stories. Each night, my mum would tuck me up…
Bronagh McAteer
29 June 2021


We support a wide range of charities including Action Mental Health, Action for Children, Assisi Animal Sanctuary, Autism NI, Cancer Fund for Children, Cash4Kids, Children in Need, Little Princess Trust, Make-a-Wish Ireland, NI Chest Heart and Stroke, NI Hospice, Run in the Dark, The Welcome Organisation.

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