Over the years, Northern Ireland has produced some of the world’s best talent across a range of industries. From the obvious legends that have graced sporting arenas and the silver screen to perhaps less obvious titans of industry that bring a no-nonsense approach to the board room.

We hear it all the time but people from Northern Ireland really are built different.

To reflect on this, we called on four of Ardmore’s own to shine a light on why they believe it is so important to attract and nurture home-grown talent for our advertising industry.

Understanding our shared identity comes from living here

“Although we have global reach, many of our campaigns for big local brands require a deep understanding of the Northern Ireland landscape.

You hear it all the time, but we are a unique group of people shaped by our past and driven by our passion and pride. Having this appreciation and understanding hard-wired into your personality, views and beliefs ultimately helps contribute to honest and impactful messaging through advertising.”

Planning Director, Ed Henderson


Soaking up local culture influences great work

“It is evident in our work, our ideas and our language. From art and design to theatre and music. The fantastic thing about studying and working within Northern Ireland is knowing the change you can make is evident.

You quickly find ways to make powerful impact within your own community. You really feel like you can make a difference, that your voice is heard.”

Creative, Emily Osborne


Collaboration with our great universities, nurtures talent

“I’m a huge fan of mentoring and nurturing home-grown talent – I simply wouldn’t be where I am today without it after starting my career in Ardmore as an Ulster University placement student.

It has always been important to me to pass that baton on too. And that is truly encouraged at Ardmore, from our continued support of Placement Programmes, Mentorship of PANI / Ulster University Students in their Annual Charity Competition (Proud 4-time winners) and to the ongoing development of our own fantastic creatives.”

Creative Director, Chris Lyttle


Local talent making their mark on global campaigns

“Over 30 years, we have been able to play an important role on many significant, award-winning and effective campaigns.

One of the things I’m incredibly proud of is the local talent that have come through our doors and been responsible for the work that has made the difference. From our creative minds that think outside the box, to our business minds that guide the brands we represent to smart strategic solutions.”

Managing Director, Mark Irwin