National Trust is an organisation relevant to people’s lives now more than ever. It’s work on preserving and promoting wonderful spaces across Northern Ireland makes it an organisation Ardmore are proud to work with. 


In 2018, the challenge was clear, help the organisation change people’s perceptions of the brand and its purpose to make it more inclusive across Northern Ireland. 


This meant a deeper understanding of the benefits the National Trust brings to people’s lives. Our research unearthed a real passion for these special places that called back to a deep emotional connect. For some it was the ability to find peace in nature, for others it was to find relaxation in nature, but for all it was to find yourself in nature. 

 We developed an integrated campaign showcasing the incredible places across Northern Ireland in a way that had never been seen before.  


Subway £3 Lunch Campaign

Subway £3 Lunch

We Are Vertigo Campaign

We Are Vertigo

Dromona Great Food Moments Campaign


Translink Get On Board Campaign

Translink Smartmovers

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