We are an award winning, industry leading team.
We rethink and rewrite the rules.
Then tear them up as we create memorable campaigns that deliver spectacular results… because that’s the Ardmore way. And our people are Ardmore people.

Simply put, together #WeArdmore.

John Keane

Chief Executive Officer

Ex rugby player who can’t hang the boots up, now coaching 12 year olds. Work, life, play - it’s all about marginal gains. 100 things done 1% better… seems to work for the All Blacks!

Cathair Mclaughlin

Account Director

Account Director and self-proclaimed TV buff. But don’t worry, he never skips the adverts!
Loves playing hurling and in his spare time tries (and fails) to golf!

Orlaith Mcalister

Account Executive

Orlaith loves nothing more than whipping up a storm in the kitchen, so she knows the right ingredients for a tasty campaign.

Nicola Cadogan

Executive Digital Director

You are what you Tweet! A well-travelled Foodie, Nicola serves up shareable social and digital content. Helping Clients find their social voice, Nicola is here to solve all your digital dilemmas.

Trevor Craig

Finance Director

When Trevor is not running the company finances you’ll find him walking about in wild and wonderful places taking award-winning photographs at silly o’clock. Heck, he has to do something creative to balance the logical side of his job!
Hannah Thompson

Hannah Thompson

Graphic Designer

Hannah enjoys nothing more than walking her dog Monty in Seapark or brushing up on her painting skills with self-portraits of her family.

Paul James

Strategic Business Director

He’s obsessed with Liverpool FC and marketing… So, with Paul on your side, You’ll Never Walk Alone.
Jennifer King

Jennifer King

Account Manager

Jennifer is Madonna-obsessed! Thankfully, living in a material world keeps her on trend with the latest audience insights.

Marijanna Martin

Digital Marketing Executive

As a professionally trained dancer and managing director of a performance agency, Marijanna knows exactly the right moves to make when it comes to delivering a great campaign.

Chris Lyttle

Creative Director

Our resident BBQ King, Chris is happiest beside his flamin' grill – whatever the weather! He applies the same dedication to his work, with a rare obsession for all things typographic, and a well done creative approach.

Shelley Wilson

PA to Directors/HR

When she's not looking after us or chasing her kids, Shelley is usually found on a hike in the hills, letting off steam!

Ed Henderson

Planning Director

When he doesn’t have his head in advertising books, Ed is planning everything down to a tee, from the golf course to his signature dinners - and most of all, our Clients’ campaigns!
Amy Armstrong

Amy Armstrong

Account Manager

Despite being a holiday heat-seeker, when it comes to managing her Clients’ accounts, Amy always keeps cool, calm and collected.

Paul Bowen

Executive Creative Director

Paul is a mod at heart, passionate about music, style and culture, applying his keen eye for detail to every creative project delivered.

Nicola Healy

Account Director

Nicola had all the experience she needed to become a new mum after spending years looking after all of the guys and girls in the studio and also caring for her Clients.

Michele McEvoy

Executive Assistant

Michele is one of our in-house language geeks and can be relied upon to settle disputes relating to p’s and q’s – just mind your P&Qs!

Glenn Irwin

Senior Creative

There’s only one thing Glenn loves more than ham and cheese sandwiches – getting his teeth stuck into a good design brief!

Miriam Moertl

Head of Client Services

As a stereotypical warm Yorkshire lass she loves the banter, but ‘bloody-mindedness’ will occasionally be used in her role to help deliver spectacular results for Clients!

Steve Jackson

Production Manager

51 year old ‘dad taxi’ seeking spinal surgeon after spending the last year fitting out new home. Interests include tennis, running, cooking, sailing and the very occasional round of golf - subject to taxi shifts!

Bronagh Hardy

Account Manager

With the same determination she has on the camogie pitch, Bronagh is ready to deliver the best results to Clients and not stop until the final whistle.

Mark Irwin

Managing Director

This former Irish hockey international and Media Director is always on the Mark with his strategic thinking and quick responses.

Theresa McLaughlin

Account Director

Strategist by day, artist by night. Theresa applies the same perfectionism and passion to projects as she does her canvas.

Sabrina Adams

Sales Ledger Manager

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch… and Sabrina. Passionate finance administrator who is always up for a laugh… and a vodka.

Alison O'Neill

Media Director

Scuba diving, exploring underwater and media life go hand in hand for Ally. She searches for media gaps and opportunities for her clients with the same passion as discovering underwater life!

Nicola Jowett

Purchase Ledger Manager

Nikki is our number one dog lover who makes sure Trevor and the numbers are behaving themselves – SIT, TREVOR!

Clare Gilbride

Senior Creative

Clare is a lover of all things quirky and bright, which drives her to bring bright ideas to the table and deliver star quality designs!
Tasmin Bryden

Tasmin Bryden

Account Executive

Tasmin gets the job done the same way she works behind the camera lens - a keen eye for detail to capture spectacular results.

Sharan Kaur

Graphic Designer

A sharp eye for detail, Sharan aims to deliver at every Client's request. She loves a good artwork challenge and to beat the delivery time of every job request - BANG!
Bronagh McAteer

Bronagh McAteer

Junior Copywriter

When she’s not writing copy selling the dream, this aspiring author is always found with her head in a book or writing reviews for publishers.

Denise Marshall

Sales Ledger Manager

Denise is a Holywood local who keeps our finances in order as she does her two wonderful children… though she says the finances are easier to manage as they don’t draw on the walls!

Helen Vogan


When not holding down the fort at Ardmore Reception, our busy mum of two, Helen, loves to put on some trendy wellies and go for a country walk round Comber! Followed by a gin or a cup of tea, depending on the weather!

Alex Thompson


When Alex isn't working tirelessly for Clients, you'll find his head buried in a good fantasy novel or a heavy-hitting journal on all things advertising.
Caroline Adamson

Caroline Adamson

Graphic Designer

Caroline loves walls, whether that’s climbing them or knocking them down with her DIY skills.

Rebecca Hollywood

Media Executive

Becca is our Hollywood in Holywood who loves movies and rolls out the red carpet treatment for our Clients in true blockbuster fashion.

Tony Doyle

Media Performance Manager

A keen hiker and traveller, Tony brings a breath of fresh air along with his digital and analytical skills to our award-winning Media Department.

Martina Irwin

Production Manager

A hockey-loving mama who balances design and her life all from the fast-moving lane of a hamster wheel.
Aine McKinney

Aine McKinney

Junior Account Executive

Aine always has her running shoes at the ready to keep every campaign on track!

Aidan Harbinson

Technical Director

Aidan has a real passion for technology. When he’s not overseeing our digital projects, you’ll find him listening to the latest electronic music coming from Holland and Germany.

Amy O’Donnell

Account Director

With a passion for music and trained in classical singing, when Amy’s not hitting the high notes she’s ensuring our Clients' campaigns are on time and in tune!

Claire Cleland

Senior Digital Creative

This budding designer loves bold design. With a background in architecture, she can still be seen with a cutting mat and scalpel in hand - that’s when she isn’t already holding a sneaky chocolate digestive!

Jason Riahi

Digital Marketing Director

When embarking on a brief, Jason leads the way on digital strategy by sniffing out user insight and running with ideas.
Megan Turtle

Megan Turtle

Junior Designer

Megan is all about AMRAPs (that’s “as many reps as possible”), so she’s always pushing further to reach that next personal best.

Paul Fagan

Senior Creative

Paul is our very own Ronnie O’Sullivan, who, thanks to countless hours spent on the green baize, has an ability to see all the angles, ensuring our Clients are never snookered, whatever their design requirements.
Monika Bienkowska 2

Monika Bienkowska

Office Facilities

Monika looks after the Ardmore office, making sure it’s always welcoming for our staff and visitors. Monika is from Poland, and outside of work is a fitness fanatic – both working out and looking after her two little daughters.

Jennifer Wilson

Senior Creative

Jennifer is our agency early bird who likes to keep things on the right track. With a flair for organisation and punctuality, she makes sure she has plenty of time for a giggle and a gossip in between great graphic design!
Sarah Heath

Sarah Heath

Account Executive

With a background in events, Sarah is happiest at the heart of the action and balances her energy with a rigorous yoga and pilates regimen. Namaste!
Roman Beguns

Roman Beguns

Web Developer

When Latvian born Roman isn’t spending his time coding, he’s busy packing a punch as a member of the Irish Stunt Team.

Emily Osborne

Junior Creative

About that creative… Were there rules? #CraftQueen Emily already broke them and brought her positive, innovative energy to the project instead!

Michael Lockheart


Our in-house cameraman and editor brings a bit of Hollywood cinema to Holywood. With a background in feature film, Mike delivers shots that always make the cut.
Natalie Clarke

Natalie Clarke

Account Manager

As our resident crime doc enthusiast, Natalie uses her investigation skills to uncover the perfect solution for every campaign.

Chris Powell

Creative Director

When not in front of his computer or on a shoot Chris likes to keep active. You’ll find him out for a run, chasing his dog around or playing and watching Basketball.
Sarah Rice

Sarah Rice

Graphic Designer

Sarah combines a love of all things beauty and a passion for exploring the latest trends to bring a fresh new look to every design project.

Shannon Greer


With a keen ear for music and even keener eye for design, Shannon stays up to date with the latest tunes and design trends, bringing a fresh and exciting outlook to our team.

There’s always room for more…

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