For many years the advertising medium of press has been getting a hard time due to the ever-growing selection of commercial media elsewhere. 

Undoubtedly however, it is an interesting and turbulent time within the press sector, with many titles adopting different approaches to stimulate growth.

Some of the News UK titles have had differing experiences with paywalls. The Times pay wall is widely regarded as a commercial success whereas the Sun was less fortunate, introducing a pay wall before removing it again soon after.

Other titles have decided to call it a day on their print edition, such as the Independent, in order to focus on their digital presence.

The Evening Standard have become the runaway success story of a change in business model, changing to become a free title, and experiencing growth in their circulation ever since. The i newspaper, another commuter title, has also been one of few experiencing circulation growth.

One thing there definitely hasn’t been too much of in recent times, is new press titles coming onto the market.

But yesterday that all changed.

The New Day is the latest newspaper to hit the shelves from Trinity Mirror Group and is the first new national daily newspaper for 30 years.

You can draw some similarities to the i newspaper in that it is a paid for, commuter title delivering concise news stories.

This is a statement of intent, and belief from Trinity Mirror that the press market is still massively viable. To differentiate themselves from the rest of the market, they have taken the fresh approach of treating todays reader as a clued in, info-at-our-fingertips audience, promising to “tell you everything you need to know and we won’t sensationalise or terrify you with the news”.

For everyone in the press and wider media industry this represents something very exciting, and we will be watching closely to see how The New Day develops going forward.

In summary, we very much believe that there is life in press, it’s simply a matter of providing good, differentiated content that is worthy of a price in the face of so much free alternatives.

And we aren’t the only ones! Supermarket giant Waitrose has recently claimed that print is its "most effective" channel for its advertising, read more here.

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