Did you know you always wanted to take on a creative director  role? What first piqued your interest about this kind of role?

This role was never part of some personal master grand plan, but when the opportunity arose, it 100% felt like the right move at the right time. I had heard how good the people were and I loved the creative work they had done, so it was a no-brainer for me to join Ardmore.


Have you always been an artistic and creative person? Is it something you recognised from an early age or when did you think that’s the path I want to travel.

The arts and creativity have always been a huge part of my life. My background growing up was in music initially, performing with orchestras, choirs and bands, so playing, composing and collaborating with other musicians and creative people was always present from a young age. That early experience, as well as going on to study music and English, has given me a real appreciation for the skills and talents of others, and a realisation of just how amazing the power of collaboration can be.


What has influenced you the most creatively? A particular campaign, video or person that comes to mind?

 Cinema. That might seem like a massively vague answer, but cinema and a love of film have had such a huge influence in my life. Every single detail – from the visuals, the dialogue, the sounds, the music, the style, the production – informs so much of my personal and professional life on a daily basis. I just really, really, really, really, really, really, really love films.


How does your creative mind work? Do you start with something in mind…talk to us about that creative process.

I always love to start with words and language. It can be the words of a brief, to the client’s name or tagline, to any words which just come to mind when thinking of a particular product or ask. I’m a big fan of simply writing down a list of words, reading through them every so often and then seeing what ideas naturally fall out of them.


What has been your favourite campaign/most rewarding campaign to have worked on? And why?

I was fortunate enough to travel to and work at Euro 2016 with a number of different brands. As well as being a brilliantly exciting and manic experience, the fact that the work itself achieved global recognition, won awards and was so warmly received, was incredibly rewarding and satisfying for a creative team at the top of their game.

And in Ardmore, it’s early days, but I’ve already really loved working on a brand new bike product. It was a brilliantly collaborative and fun process and, because the product itself is so fresh and new, it feels like any idea, big or small, has validity and is packed with possibility.


What has been the most challenging campaign you have worked on? And why?

 There was one campaign very early in my career – I’m not naming names! – which was a real eye-opener in terms of understanding the balance between creative and commercial. Although something like that can be a challenge at the time, gaining that kind of experience only serves you better in the long run, especially in the way that you understand and approach your future work.


What are the most challenging aspects of this role and how do you work through these?

I think the more time you take to get to know everyone’s individual strengths and passions, the better everything becomes. Communication is so important. Talking to everyone helps overcome that initial challenge of figuring out exactly who is perfect for a particular role or project. Once you understand where people love to put their time and energy, you’re flying.


When you’re stuck is there a particular well you visit?

Switching off and NOT thinking about whatever the issue might happen to be is something that works for me. That could be as simple as getting some peace and quiet or, yes, watching a film. The breathing space helps bring clarity.


What advice would you have for yourself 10 years ago? Would you do anything differently?

Invent antigen tests. You’ll be a billionaire, Younger Eoghan.

I wouldn’t do anything differently. #NoRagrets


What are the most useful resources you’ve found that have helped you through your career journey?

Other people.

I’ve always found the most important thing for me is having the perfect people to talk to and share ideas with. Whether it’s simply a second set of eyes on something or a full-blown brainstorming session, finding people you connect with and can have genuine great craic with, all while being creative, is the best thing.


If you could work on one brand or campaign what would it be?

Guinness. For the research. And the incredible tradition of ingenious ad campaigns. But mainly the research.


What is your favourite thing about Ardmore?

I’m a firm believer that the perfect idea can come from anyone and I love getting excited about other people’s ideas. What’s brilliant about Ardmore is that there are so many gifted people who want to contribute to the creative process.

To paraphrase (or completely mangle) Peter O’Toole’s famous line in Ratatouille… “Not every suggestion can be a great idea; but a great idea can come from anyone.”

See? Films. I warned you.