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Supermarkets must personalise the shopping experience for super-mums if they want loyalty.

Jo-Anne Nicholl

It’s no surprise that mums are still the main shoppers in most households. As very busy women, shopping in 3 different supermarkets per week, stores have an opportunity and commercial responsibility to engage with this customer group and attempt to secure their loyalty.

A recent study by Haymarket has indicated that supermarkets must employ ultra-personal tactics when targeting busy mums during their shopping experience - both online and offline.  With Tesco recently reporting a slump in like-for-like sales of 4.6% in the first half of the year, this is something they would do well to take into account. 

Interestingly, the study found that a massive 76% of busy mums are smartphone users, meaning there is a massive opportunity to engage with them online. The pace of change, due to mobile technology, means that access to information and a rise in the need for convenience is causing traditional business models to crack under pressure, as retailers struggle to adapt to change quickly enough for fast-paced consumers.

Retailers need to integrate a solid digital strategy with their traditional marketing to help drive traffic online, and particularly to mobile. This would allow retailers to build brand awareness, customer loyalty and ultimately drive footfall, all by influencing mums on their chosen platform. The second part of this is influencing mums on their preferred media sources, by understanding their conversations and pressure points.

Whilst these findings come as no surprise to us as a digital agency, it’s crucial for our clients that we continue to research, develop and implement integrated marketing strategies for them to succeed in an ever changing and challenging market, regardless of their industry.

If you’re finding it difficult to juggle traditional marketing mixed with digital opportunities, give us a shout. We love helping our clients reach their full potential.

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