Now Try Something Weider is a fun sideways glance at the career and experiences of Michael Johnson presented in a list format. In the book he shares 233 insightful and often funny nuggets, hints & tips for working in the creative industry.

Here are my 5 favourites:

#109. Always carry a sketchbook
You never know when you might have an idea, more often than not it’s when you’ve stopped thinking about the job.
So carry a sketch/notebook and keep track.


#121. Write a list every morning. Then get on with it.

Good advice for the practicality of the working day, apparently the brain is at it’s most alert early in the day.

Do the thinking in the morning and doing in the afternoon.

I’m going to try and use this advice and hopefully it will reduce my coffee intake.


#132. A verbal idea might need fewer pictures than you think.

Copy works best when it’s easy to read, an image is doing it’s job if you don’t have to explain it.

I’ve always been a fan of keeping it simple.


#168. Listen hard in meetings. You might Just hear the answer.
A lot of info is supplied in the brief, but make sure you pay attention in all meetings, you might miss an inspirational nugget if you don’t.

I’m a big advocator for making sure you have all the right information before starting the creative work.


#231, 232, 233.

The list is cleverly spread throughout the design of the whole book, including the front cover, flap, appendices.

Finishing the list with the final ones along the spine of the book.

I love how the creative idea behind the book has been applied to the design and layout.


Want to know what Michael’s own favourites are? Watch this video:

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